Lojong Text Study Course #1 by Bodhi Path Virtual

Lojong Text Study Course #1

When you take this course, you can download AUDIO files of all six sessions, as well as view a STREAMED VIDEO version of Trinlay Rinpoche teaching the whole first session. Check out the course Free Preview: Short Excerpt Video presented below. This course is excellent preparation for the next live course: registration is now open for Course #2 over six consecutive Saturdays starting November 7, 2020.

Description of Lojong Text

  • With this course, we begin a course series to study a text together on the teachings of Mind Training (Tibetan: Lojong), which is a profound system of contemplative practices that helps bring mindfulness, awareness and insight to our experiences, both on and off the meditation cushion. These teachings have been preserved by an unbroken lineage of masters since the time of the Buddha, and were considered to be helpful to modern day practitioners by the 14th Shamarpa, Mipham Chokyi Lodrö (1952-2014).
  • The root text to be studied can be found in the 14th Shamarpa's The Path to Awakening: A Commentary on Ja Chekawa Yeshé Dorjé's Seven Points of Mind Training, which serves as a guidebook to the stages of Mind Training. These Lojong teachings are followed by the tradition of Gampopa (1079-1153) who joined the Kadampa instructions of Atisha with Mahamudra teachings from the tradition of the great Indian Mahasiddha Saraha. The book is available in many outlets, including as an e-book.

Courtesy reminder:

Respecting the precious teachings of the Dharma, please remember that all audio/video/discussion group exchanges are for your own student learning purposes only and are not to be duplicated or widely distributed.

What's included?

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01 KTR - Lojong Text Study Course Session One - 2020-05-09
FREE PREVIEW: Short Excerpt of KTR - Lojong Session One VIDEO - 2020-05-09.mp4
2 mins
KTR - Lojong Session One VIDEO - 2020-05-09.mp4
(1h 31m 23s)
KTR - Lojong Session One AUDIO - 2020-05-09.m4a
(1h 31m 23s)
02 KTR - Lojong Text Study Course Session Two - 2020-05-16
KTR - Lojong Session Two AUDIO - 2020-05-16.m4a
(1h 42m 47s)
03 KTR - Lojong Text Study Course Session Three - 2020-05-23
KTR - Lojong Session Three AUDIO - 2020-05-23.m4a
(1h 31m 41s)
04 KTR - Lojong Text Study Course Session Four - 2020-05-30
KTR - Lojong Session Four AUDIO - 2020-05-30.m4a
(1h 33m 59s)
05 KTR - Lojong Text Study Course Session Five - 2020-06-06
KTR - Lojong Session Five AUDIO - 2020-06-06.m4a
(1h 47m 02s)
06 KTR - Lojong Text Study Course Session Six - 2020-06-13
KTR - Lojong Session Six AUDIO - 2020-06-13.m4a
(1h 53m 37s)